3 Easy Ways to Support Your 2SLGBTQ+ Staff

Discover some simple steps you can take in the workplace to better support your 2SLGBTQ+ staff.

Looking for a few simple ways to support 2SLGBTQ+ team members? Below are three practices that you can begin today! It's important to note that allyship requires deeper work and understanding. We highly encourage you to seek additional education to build better inclusive workplaces for members of the 2SLGBTQ+ community. 

1. Promote respectful language

Encouraging appropriate language in the workplace goes beyond preventing the use of inflammatory phrases and extends into actively promoting the use of terms preferred by marginalized communities. One of the ways you can do this is by updating forms whenever possible to include gender options for transgender and non-binary individuals. Rolling out a new process or updated materials is an excellent opportunity to start a conversation on the power of language and what words are appropriate. Establishing a shared vocabulary is critical to ensuring that discussions with gender as an element stay respectful. 

2. Encourage universal action

It is important that efforts to reach out to 2SLGBTQ+ colleagues don't make them feel singled out. Achieving balance and authenticity is easier when efforts to be inclusive are universal and come from the top. Executives and upper management should lead by example, and one way to start is by including their pronouns in all introductions and encouraging those who report to them to do so. 

The Human Resources and/or People and Culture teams can mandate an email signature format update that includes pronouns after an individual's name. Sharing pronouns is a simple step that all employees can take to make their transgender, non-binary, and agender colleagues feel comfortable. Other examples from the top can be using pronouns in official communication and company-wide communication acknowledging anniversaries or events in 2SLGBTQ+ culture like company-led celebrations during PRIDE month and beyond. 

3. Provide Support

One concrete step that employers can take to support their 2SLGBTQ+ employees is to offer comprehensive healthcare coverage. While all employees benefit from increased access to mental health services, this is especially important for individuals in marginalized communities as they may face additional barriers to accessing proper mental health support. In addition to providing access to therapy options, sharing information on support groups and internal tools and resources can be helpful. Making the steps to access support straightforward can help show that a company values the well-being of their entire workforce.

All employees can and should take steps to create a welcoming space for colleagues of all sexual orientations and gender expressions. There are options to make your 2SLGBTQ+ colleagues feel valued and protected no matter your current workplace culture.

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